Client Animus Stidio Year 2021 01 / 07 Role Branding + Design + Development
Client Brews & Grooves Year 2020 02 / 07 Role Digital Design + Content
Client Unis Year 2020 03 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Bump Coffee Year 2020 04 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Ever & Ever + Interesting Development Year 2019 05 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Boston Illumination Group Year 2018 06 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Coolidge Corner Theater Year 2017 07 / 07 Role Digital Design
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Crafting a new brand & digital experience for Animus Studios

Working with Animus we redefined their company values, our goal was to translate those values into a visual representation of their small but mighty video agency. The most important value for the brand was creative courage, this became our north star for every design decision we made for the brand. We took this philosophy and crafted a unique word-mark for Animus, slightly angled and full of personality, we housed the mark inside a view finder to connect with their primary storytelling medium of video and the new logo was born.

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Design & Strategy

When approaching the design for the website, we knew we wanted to bring the new branding to life through motion and animation. We made the film brackets from the logo a prominent part of the website, zooming in and focusing on content that is interactable. We leveraged the bracket again by housing video within them bringing attention to the amazing work Animus creates.

Project Awards

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CSS Design Awards Innovation Award

CSS Design Award UI + UX Awards

AWWWARDS Honors + Mobile Excellence


I was tentative of handing over creative conception and ideation to another team...because...I mean, that's part of our fabric. The hardest thing I've ever done was take a deep breath, walk away, and let Britton Stipetic and his team at Rogue Studios go to work. It was a long and sometimes challenging exercise...but boy did we get there! Thank you to the entire team over at Rogue Studios and to our Animus Studios team for really Finding our Fascinating. To any company out there looking to push a deep breath of fresh air across your image...I'd strongly consider exploring Rogue!

Arty Gold / Founder

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