Client Animus Stidio Year 2021 01 / 07 Role Branding + Design + Development
Client Brews & Grooves Year 2020 02 / 07 Role Digital Design + Content
Client Unis Year 2020 03 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Bump Coffee Year 2020 04 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Ever & Ever + Interesting Development Year 2019 05 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Boston Illumination Group Year 2018 06 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Coolidge Corner Theater Year 2017 07 / 07 Role Digital Design
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Enjoy a convenient revitalizing bottle of water, without harming the environment. Water that cares!

Rogue teamed up with Interesting Development to create a custom e-commerce website experience for Ever & Ever, a new Sparkling water brand with a mission to rid the oceans of trash. Ever & Ever is a love letter to aluminum, the everlasting metal that has been around for approximately forever and will be around for approximately another forever, taking whatever shape humans require of it, silently, selflessly, without ego or waste, unlike plastic which is a freeloader that’s completely comfortable lying around in an ocean or landfill doing nothing.

Ever & Ever’s goal is to educate people about the dangers of plastic and tell the powerful tale of aluminum which is much better for the environment. The website experience had to be full of life, fun, and effectively communicate the message and values of the brand.

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Design & Concept

We took the idea of something being infinitely recyclable and brought that idea into the website design and interactivity. We broke the website homepage into sections dividing them with titles that rotated forever and ever. We were even able to loop the homepage infinitely to tie into this same concept.

Direct Outcomes

Ever & Ever launched June 3rd at the museum of plastic in NYC. Its initial production run sold out within days of becoming available. Ever & Ever’s products are selling increasingly well, direct to customers through the website and through subscriptions. Coming soon and for all eternity to major retailers throughout the United States. Pick one up at your local Bodega and share the love!

Project Awards

Communication Arts Feature

Awwwards Mobile Excellence

Awwwards Honors

CSS Design Awards Special Kudos



Bringing a brand to life in a short period of time is always challenging. Rogue helped us do just that. With all the moving parts in the launch of Ever & Ever, it was always a reprieve from the chaos to hear that Rogue had us covered on the digital execution, integration, and construction of our web presence. More impressive was Rogue’s continued partnership. Their pride in their work and dedication to their clients’ success showed itself in help and support beyond our launch, keeping things smooth and problem-free in those critical, early days.

Justin Glatz - Global Head of IT

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