Client Animus Stidio Year 2021 01 / 07 Role Branding + Design + Development
Client Brews & Grooves Year 2020 02 / 07 Role Digital Design + Content
Client Unis Year 2020 03 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Bump Coffee Year 2020 04 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Ever & Ever + Interesting Development Year 2019 05 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Boston Illumination Group Year 2018 06 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Coolidge Corner Theater Year 2017 07 / 07 Role Digital Design
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A new way to approach HR Services. CloudNow solves real-world business problems with smart tech solutions that help your enterprise stay ahead on the cloud.

CloudNow is a SaaS company based in the USA and India. CloudNow helps you maximize data value through continuous data migration, integrating data sets from all your touchpoints and functions. Rogue teamed up with CloudNow Technologies to re-envision their brand and changed how CloudNow looked visually and spoke about themselves to better connect to their evolving demographic.

Case Study


In order to connect to a younger more "silicon valley" type audience, we had to re-design the visual identity and position the CloudNow to be suited in the tech space. We achieved this by changing the logo and color palette to connect more to evolving tech but really focused on the core messaging of the brand, changing the tone of voice to be more human and less robotic.

Digital Experience

Our focus was to make the brand feel human while maintaining a professional, technical feeling. Since CloudNow is entirely B2B, we had to make sure the logo, as well as the website, felt branded accordingly for the tech space. We took the newly defined brand and applied it to a new website that was efficient to use told CloudNow's story, getting to the core of what they do – HR Services for big business
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