Client Animus Stidio Year 2021 01 / 07 Role Branding + Design + Development
Client Brews & Grooves Year 2020 02 / 07 Role Digital Design + Content
Client Unis Year 2020 03 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Bump Coffee Year 2020 04 / 07 Role Design + Development
Client Ever & Ever + Interesting Development Year 2019 05 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Boston Illumination Group Year 2018 06 / 07 Role Digital Design
Client Coolidge Corner Theater Year 2017 07 / 07 Role Digital Design
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Creating a weird and irreverent sharable Christmas card experience like no other…and people loved it!

We wanted to create a website that got people into the Holiday Spirit, that played off of traditions that everyone knew but twisted in a way that was fun, weird and wonderful and the results spoke for themselves. People loved the site and sharing Christmas cards with friends and family, but don’t listen to us listen to the numbers. On launch day with no traditional advertising or marketing, the site had received over 33k unique site visitors.

This proved our theory that if we made something that was fun, shareable, and limited that people would want to engage and interact with the website. Over the course of the 14 days, that the website was live Weird Christmas had received over 50k of unique traffic and hundreds of Christmas cards started circulating around the internet.

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Concept & Design

We wanted to create an experience that was more than just a Christmas card, we wanted to bring the feeling of the holidays to life through a digital experience you could share with friends. We want the experience to feel tangible even in a 2d space; we found that sound was an easy way to bridge this gap. People naturally associate sounds with touch or certain emotion; we incorporated flipping, turning, and shuffling noises to get a sense better sense of interacting with these weird Christmas cards, giving depth to the experience.

Mobile Experience

We needed to make sharing the experience as simple as possible to assure that you could send a Christmas card as easy on your phone as you could on your computer. We took a mobile-first approach to the design to make sure everything was fluid and perfect on all mobile devices then worked backward to larger screens– leading to a seamless Christmas Card experience. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Project Awards

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AWWWARDS Development Award

AWWWARDS Mobile Excellence

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CSS WINNER Site of The Day

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I love these Christmas Cards so much!! I just keep sending them to myself because I love them that much! 🤣

Jasmin R.

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