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Brews & Grooves

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Branding Design Content Social Design Copy-Writing

The Team

Britton Stipetic - Design Direction (Rogue) Jarrod White - Content Ben King - Content Louis Paquet - Design Locomotive Locomotive - Development

HUMAN-KINDS GREATEST COMBO → MUSIC AND BEER. PERFECTLY CURATED & PAIRED FOR YOUR AUDIO BEER DRINKING SESSIONS. Discover new craft beer & awesome music to listen to while drinking it! Pairing taste and sound perfectly!

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Brews & Grooves

From the buds on the tongue to the licks in the buds: cold brews and fiery beats have always made for an irresistible combo. It's the job of our tastemakers to pair palettes up with eardrums. Get ready to sample a new sound truly worth sipping.


We birthed the idea out of a love for music, beer, and the synergy between the two. We took design inspiration from dusty record bins, digging for treasure to try and find something new to listen to.

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We believe that everything is better in pairs, and that music and beer make the perfect combination. Our team created everything in-house, from branding to content. For the website development, we collaborated with our friends at Locomotive Agency to bring our vision to life.

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Real Talk

"That right there is a baby-making combination. Yes, Lawwdd!

Geoff Gyles - Head Brewer Northwoods Brewing Co.


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