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A Light In The Woods

A Light In
The Woods
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What We Did

Design Development

The Team

Radical Face - Concept + Artwork Mike Worthington - Design + UX Cierra Larkin - Motion & Design Jackie Kao - Illustration Calvin Smith - Motion Nathan Taylor - Development Britton Stipetic - Creative Direction

A modern take on a fairytale, A Light in the Woods is a digital experience like no other in the music industry. Where storytelling meets slow-paced point-and-click interactive adventure games.

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About the Project

We partnered with RadicalFace to create a digital experience for his latest concept album "A Light In The Woods." Our team built a digital world that showcased the lore and legend of the Hidden Hollow. Traveling through the landscape, you can uncover lore, music, and characters while learning about our hero, Vagus, and his story.

Capturing Whimsy

Radical Face approached Rogue with the idea of a living book. It was more than just a story he had written - it incorporated music, artwork, and animation. All of these elements had to blend together seamlessly, while also serving a clear purpose. The idea was to create something a world that could contain all the pieces of the project together, something fun and whimsical.

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Intro Sequence

The intro sequence correlates to what book you are currently on based on your cookies, so your journey is always up to date.


As a team, we wanted to capture the feeling of old PC point-and-click games, curating a space where the audience could hang out for a while and learn all the things that weren't in the main narrative of the story.


The story is told in 6 books, each new book that is released will expand the music, map, story, lore, characters, and easter eggs that you can find along the journey.

The Bestiary

The bestiary section was heavily influenced by old DnD manuals featuring characters' stats and abilities. We took the idea and applied it to this project, featuring character details and lore information, allowing the audience to discover more about characters that is not in the main story.

Client Experience

Over the course of my career, I've put together a lot of websites. The fact that my most ambitious concept turned out to be the easiest and most enjoyable is as high a compliment as I can pay to the folks over at Rogue. 

Ben Cooper - Radical Face


Best Aesthetic Website The Webby Awards 2024 A Light In The Woods
Site of the Day AWWWARDS 2023 A Light In The Woods
Development Award AWWWARDS 2023 A Light In The Woods
Site of the Day CSS Design Awards 2023 A Light In The Woods
User Experience Award CSS Design Awards 2023 A Light In The Woods
Innovation Award CSS Design Awards 2023 A Light In The Woods
Digital Feature Creative Boom 2023 A Light In The Woods
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