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Lens Mag

Lens Mag
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What We Did

Branding Positioning Identity Design Design Web Design

The Team

Jackie Kao - Brand Design Calvin Smith - Web Design Britton Stipetic - Creative Lead

Collab, Publish, Repeat. Lens is exploring the lives of creators, their creative process, and the often unseen and unheard individuals who work “behind the lens” to empower them—both the creatively inclined.

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About the Project

The stories we read influence the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell ourselves enable transformative change. Lens covers the cultural trends driving creators, the business of creativity, and the art of the craft.

Lens is a publication focused on creating a safe haven for creatives to explore and create together. They are living the ethos of Collab. Publish. Repeat. They are sharing stories that inspire, inform, and entertain their readers about the ever-evolving creator economy.

The Brand

We created a brand that evoked a sense of digital nostalgia, paying homage to an early internet where collaboration and creation were encouraged and free. We fused this digital aesthetic with a traditional publication, blending the worlds of newspaper and desktop publishing together to create something new.



The logotype is a synthesis of the classic editorial font and digital pixelation. The visual language takes inspiration from both classic publications and the aesthetics of the early web and desktop publishing interfaces.


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With an audience full of writers, artists, YouTubers, TikTokers, and entrepreneurs, it was essential for the brand to connect with people already working in the digital creative economy and give them a community to thrive within.

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Style & Perception

Looking to the world of newspaper editorial design; we created an inviting series of illustrated avatars as a result. Our inspiration came from the nostalgic comic cartoons we used to read in the Sunday paper after our parents were done with it. Additionally, we created a pixel-based icon suite that reinforces the theme of digital nostalgia and old computer interfaces, paying homage to where we started and where we are going in the future.” By blending these two eras, we aimed to create a contemporary look reflecting the creative economy’s emergence and growth, as well as new technologies.

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Lens Shirts

Web Design

For the website, we focused on creating a simple elegant reading system that made finding and switching between articles and the three content pillars culture, commerce, and creativity, as simple as possible.

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We crafted custom avatars for all Lens Mag contributors to give them a custom feel and showcase the personality of the authors, editors, and designers contributing to the website. Each avatar features our custom newspaper comic-inspired illustration treatment, adding color, texture, and fun to the overall brand.

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The Client Experience

Rogue captured the visual energy that I wanted Lens to have. The perfect mix of fun and professional tone.

Joe Albanese - Founder & CEO

The Results

50% Growth In Contributors
20% Increase In Site Traffic
25% Increase In Contributor Diversity

We were able to transform the Lens brand creating something that the whole team loved and were proud to be a part of. We helped to cultivate internal team culture and excitement through our handmade Lens avatars, giving each person a unique look for social media.

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