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What We Did

Branding Design Art Direction Web Design Development

The Team

Sara Aube → Brand Design PJ Curley → Design + Art Direction Ben Paine → Development Nathan Taylor → Development

Lightswitch produces video for agencies, creatives, and marketers, from San Antonio to St. Paul, Trinidad to Tokyo, Poughkeepsie to Pluto - giving you on-location video production capabilities in an instant.

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From pre-roll to broadcast Lightswitch has you covered. Whether you need a crew Thursday in Tulsa or a partner to give your creative team a boost, Lightswitch is there. Rogue helped to create a visual and digital narrative that better explained this concept

About the Project

Lightswitch video needed to update their brand, their old look wasn't giving the right perception of who they were as a company. It was outdated and didn't showcase the values, as a team we set out to fix this in a big way redefining who they were visually to give a bespoke craft look with an abundance of fun mixed in.

Brand Vibe

Art Direction

The LightSwitch team wanted the focus to be on their unique process and their ability to create amazing videos worldwide. Creating a nostalgic style of doodling in the rules of notebooks, emphasizing craft and process. We carried this doodle style across the entirety of the brand from print to web, and social.

Client Experience

We love Rogue Studio. Before working with them, we had no defined brand identity and a website we told potential customers to avoid. They're also just good folks.

Bryce Anderson - CRO | FOUNDER

The Results

Over $1M+ Generated in new opportunities
Credibility The ability to attract bigger clients
Brand Pride A new brand & website worth rallying around
An easy to use CMS Flexibility with marketing and campaigns

Over the course of several conversations and a few months we distilled exactly what the client's essence was into a site and brand identity they can be proud of. It's allowed LightSwitch to activate real marketing campaigns, generating over $1m+ in new opportunities.

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